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Getting a post bankruptcy auto loan could be a harrowing task as not many loan dealers in the market prefer working with individuals whose credit rating has been badly mauled because of bankruptcy filing in the past. However, if you repair your credit, Carloanstudent can help you to secure an auto loan even if you have filed for bankruptcy earlier.

Getting Approved For Post Bankruptcy Car Loans Is Easier Than You Think

Many people think that it is impossible to obtain a car loan after bankruptcy discharge but their assumption may be incorrect. Nowadays you can loan a vehicle despite your being in an open bankruptcy or having got discharged for debts. You only need to get proper information about the subject so that you know the exact process to be followed.

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Here’s The Exact Process For Getting Car Loans Following Bankruptcy Filing

At Carloanstudent, we teach borrowers online the exact procedure which needs to be followed to get approved for post bankruptcy car loans. But there could be few things that you must consider before you apply for a loan as under:

  • Open Bankruptcy Auto Loans
    Once you have filed papers for bankruptcy in court, it is considered as an open bankruptcy case until your debts get discharged. You can think of getting a car loan after bankruptcy or even while chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding is on. But requirements for obtaining an auto loan in either of these open bankruptcy cases would be distinctly different.
  • After Bankruptcy Car Loan
    Obtaining a post bankruptcy auto finance is easier than getting a car loan during bankruptcy although we recommend that borrower must think of buying a used car as soon as he files for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy in court. Remember, once debtor gets discharged for debts, his credit will feel the impact for at least next 7 years.
  • Vehicle options in bankruptcy
    If you have decided to apply for an after bankruptcy car loan loan but don’t want to give up your car then you do have the option to keep it. But if you have enough equity in your vehicle than what your state laws allow for exemption then you may need to surrender your car to bankruptcy court unless you redeem, cram down or reaffirm the loan.

Know How To Pay Off Car Loan During Bankruptcy Or After Debt Discharge

If you get stuck up while repaying a car loan for bankruptcy discharged, it could be vital for to make sure that you have a fair understanding of your financial situation before securing any changes for your auto financing loan.

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  • I kept my car in bankruptcy
    If you are allowed to keep your vehicle during bankruptcy proceedings then the scenario may be advantageous provided you are current on your monthly car payments. Such a proposition could enable you to build credit in a sustained manner even after you have been discharged for all your unsecured debts through a bankruptcy filing process.

  • You need to purchase a car after bankruptcy
    If you are thinking of buying a car with a post bankruptcy auto finance loan then you might have fewer choices. This is because Interest rates charged for post bankruptcy auto loans could be significantly high. To secure affordable rate of interest, you can save money for a large down payment or purchase an old used car.

  • Selling or trading a car after bankruptcy
    If you have managed to keep your car even after bankruptcy debt discharge then for securing an interest rate on a post-bankruptcy car loan which fits your budget, you can either sell it for paying a down payment or consider a vehicle trade-in. But you need to do some research prior to finalizing any deal.
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